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Mark Gast NMLS#308730

I am an Army veteran who has been in the mortgage business since 1981. I have over 30 years of experience helping homebuyers. I specialize in First Time Homebuyers and safe, fixed rate, government insured loans. I have been managing a successful branch here in Fulton since 2001. I enjoy rural lending and understand the unique aspects of lending in small towns and rural areas, and what programs work best for our customers. We work with potential buyers to help them improve credit, income, or debt situations in order to prepare for buying a home as soon as possible if they do not qualify when they apply. I feel it is important to explain the path to owning a home fully, and help my customers be informed buyers when they are ready. Our Mission We have always tried to make the buying process as comfortable as possible for our customers. The home buying process is confusing and intimidating to many first time homebuyers. We try to keep things casual and comfortable for our customers. Again, our combined 50 years of mortgage experience is our most valuable tool in helping our customers realize the dream of owning their first, or even second or third homes in some cases, that we have helped them with. Over time we have seen children that have played with crayons in our office while their parents reviewed paperwork, and now are coming back as young adults and excited first time homebuyers.


108 St. Louis Ave
Fulton, MO 65251
Phone: 573-592-8900

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